New Years Honours 2017 – Diplomatic Order of the Grand Nagus 2017

The Order of the Grand Nagus for diplomacy is awarded to the crew member who displays the most savvy, visionary and liberal response to any given situation that really warranted the other party or parties being bopped on the head.

Awarded to individuals who have made significant impact in representing the chapter in distinguished service in the light of overwhelming odds.

Nominations were received for the following individuals:

Capt C Barrow  – for asking what age the FO Glenn Miller had chosen to be on my last birthday

VADM Michael Kilby  – for his unfailing and unstinting support and encouragement ……  I told you I was watching you…..  ermmm Sir

Capt A Potts – for coming up with such a diabolic and cunning plan against insurmountable odds …… You know what you did! I learn from the best!

Lt. Commander K Hoskins  – A most avuncular man who coaxes insular people from their shells and towards greater interaction.


I was delighted to received several nominations in this category and it took me a long time to reach a decision.

However, there was One who pipped all the others to the post by a very short hair with his exquisitely timed post in the crew page….

VADM Michael Kilby I am therefore, delighted to award you with the USS Glenn Miller – Diplomatic Order of the Grand Nagus – 2017!

Congratulations and very well done!

Captain John Hardy – Commanding Officer

USS Glenn Miller

GRAND NAGUS 2017 Michael Kilbey


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