New Years Honours 2017 – TOP GUN

“Top Gun”

Awarded by general crew consensus to the crew member who has been a shining light in all matters pertaining to the USS Glenn Miller

This award is open to all Officer and Enlisted Ranks and is awarded to the crew member who has shown outstanding commitment to the USS Glenn Miller throughout the year.

This award is given to the individual who best demonstrates outstanding direction, through his/her individual contributions, a consistent level of guidance for fellow members, and leadership in the Chapter through both word and action.

The Top Gun of the year also demonstrates consistent conduct in accordance with the philosophy of Star Trek, and supports the series’ vision of a positive future through community service and scholastic accomplishment (where appropriate), in addition to participation in Sol Sector Command and chapter functions.

The Crew Member of the Year is awarded the accolade of the “Best of the Best” and is accorded the title – ‘Top Gun’.

Eligibility:  Crew Members on board the USS Glenn Miller




Firstly, on behalf of my Command Team, Amanda and Keith, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have joined us as a crew member of the glorious USS Glenn Miller NCC 1944.  We are looking forward to your participation in the story lines and quizzes in the coming months.

As we prepare to leave Space Dock to begin our 2018 adventures I have one final duty of 2017.  That is to announce the recipient of the 2017 TOP Gunn Award.

This crew member has become a shining light to all of us on the Glenn Miller.  They have rolled up their sleeves and ‘got stuck well and truly in’, whatever was asked of them, they went far above and beyond the call of duty and delivered all that could be asked and more.

This crew member has taken on the role as Head of Department, one of the biggest and varied,  on our chapter and in order to facilitate the enjoyment of their Department for the crew and the officers under their command he has even gone as far as to create our very Glenn Miller ‘Science Group’ and posts in there regularly.

Chief Petty Officer Mark Markinson please step forward.

I am delighted to award you with the greatest honour our Chapter can bestow on a crew member and name you, “the Best of the Best” by popular crew vote:  “Top Gun 2017”

In addition, and in recognition of your significant and generous contributions that will benefit all those who serve on board the USS Glenn Miller, I hereby promote you to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer, with all the rights and privileges therein afforded.

I thank you for your service!



Congratulations and very well done!

Captain John Hardy – Commanding Officer

USS Glenn Miller








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