New Years Honours 2017 – “The Flaming Quill”

The Sir Terrance Pratchett Literary Ribbon, “The Flaming Quill” is awarded by general consensus of the crew to the member who has bewitched, bedazzled, bemused and astounded the crew with their literary or their creational representational outpourings in the arena of Chapter fiction and other musings in general that embues and enhances the esprit de corps in both our Chapter fictional and non-fictional worlds.

The winner of the prestigious Sir Terrance Prachett Literary Ribbon is accorded the title – ‘The Flaming Quill’.

Eligibility:  Crew Members on board the USS Glenn Miller

Nominations were received for the following:

CPO M Markinson – for the creation of the stunning Chapter Dedication Plaque.

CDR A Barrow – for wordsmithing all Chapter documents, creating a raft of pictures and certificates for use by the crew of the Glenn Miller.

CPO M Hartley – for dedicating many, many hours to helping the FO with the creation of the Enlisted and Officer Promotion Programmes, for writing the new Ensign course and for taking point in completing the Crew Quiz in the Chapter Handbook.

LCDR K Hoskins – for writing a Special Intelligence brief that is second to none, for getting involved in role play and for locating Harry on several occasions


It was not unsurprising that we received a number of very high calibre entries for this award given that we have such an amazing crew on board the USS Glenn Miller, particularly as a number of the crew are die-hard Pratchett fans.

After due consideration, the Command Team all agreed that we had a very clear winner and I am delighted to present our very first “Flaming Quill” ribbon to CPO Michael Hartley!

Congratulations and very well done!

Captain John Hardy – Commanding Officer

USS Glenn Miller

The Flaming Quill 2017 Michael Hartley


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