Starfleet Sol Sector Command

Just to clarify a little about Starfleet Sol Sector Command,

Starfleet Sol Sector Command is a separate fan club in its own right. There are no annual memberships fees to pay and as a member of the USS Glenn Miller, we will not ask anyone to pay any Chapter fees.

The USS Glen Miller, NCC 1944 is a Chapter that operates within Starfleet Sol Sector Command, and as such we operate independently of all other Chapters that have also joined Starfleet Sol Sector Command.


A word about Ranks

The USS Glenn Miller was launched within Sol Sector Command and as such we have our own ranking and promotion system.

The promotion structure is in a File that can be found under the File tab on the left hand side. – this will be expanded as the group develops.

On joining our crew – everyone is automatically appointed as a E1 – Crewman and it is up to each individual to be involved as little or as much as they wish.

Ranks earned outside of Sol Sector Command are not taken into consideration…. BUT we are VERY keen to reward your efforts and contributions within the USS Glenn Miller… so if you have a favourite music video, or a science or medical articles of interest …. then please feel free to get the chat going…..

If you have any questions – please do pop them in the comments box below


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