USS Glenn Miller NCC 1944-A

***Incoming Transmission*** **Hailing Frequencies Open** In keeping with the grand tradition of staying within the canonized Star Trek, The Science and Research Division of Starfleet Sol Sector Command will forever be located and associated with the “Daystrom Institute” also known as the Daystrom Research Institute, Daystrom Institute of Technology, and Daystrom Technological Institute. The Science […]

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New Year Honours 2017

  Your Chapter Needs You! A Chapter is only ever as good as its members and in order to be successful each and everyone of us is required to contribute, in whatever way they are able, to the group. Our New Years Honors List is an opportunity for the Captain, along with his Command Team […]

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Dedication Plaque

A dedication plaque was a commemorative plate that was displayed on the bridge of most Starfleet vessels. The plaque commonly displayed the name of the ship, as well as its class and shipyard of origin. Many later plaques also displayed the ship’s official motto, plus a list of notable Starfleet officers involved in the assembly […]

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Attention on Deck!

I am pleased to announce that we have filled the Special Services Head of Department opening… I am led to believe we will be subject to ‘stuff’ which WILL BE fun… Mr Michael Hartley please step forward. In recognition of your volunteering to keep our crew mojo at an all time high by accepting the […]

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